Types of camera surveillance signs

When people are being watched, or even just believe they are, studies show that crimes go down dramatically. In fact, the numbers drop, consistently, by half. Surveillance signs are an important factor in a camera’s deterrent power. In addition, signs also help protect the rights and privacy of passersby. Sign retailers offer a variety of surveillancesignage; the right choice for your home or business will helpoptimize a surveillance camera’s positive effects. Outlined below are a few of the types of surveillance signage typically offered.

Custom graphic signs

Custom Graphic Signs

Many vendors enable you to customize surveillance signs with your own text, color, shape, size, or image. So, if you want to tell someone to smile, by all means, ask.
Safety signs

Safety Signs

A safety sign works two-fold. It assures guests that footage is recorded for their benefit rather than their inconvenience, and it also deters theft by prominently announcing a camera is nearby.
Threat signs

Threat Signs

Surveillance signs can be consequence-specific. If you have an area, for example, that is frequently used for trash dumping, a sign can list the forbidden behavior and the fine for violators.

No trespassing signs

No Trespassing Signs

Trespassing can be committed by mistake or unintentionally. A trespassing surveillance sign helps clearly mark the boundary of your property and discourages unauthorized entry, particularly in more remote areas, or during more vulnerable times, like night.
Door signs

Door Signs
Oftentimes, doors are the best place to put video surveillance signs. Anyone who enters a must walk through a door, the sign will be noticed by most people who enter the premises.
Security signs

Security Signs

Whether or not you actually have a live CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) security camera monitoring criminals who you will prosecute, this sign will discourage criminals by touting 24-hour equipment and promising prosecution.