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Keep an eye on your property

Every moment, a car is stolen. Every day in the U.S., 44 people are murdered and there are 3,800 victims of violent crimes. The police can’t be everywhere, which leads many property owners to ask: to surveil or not to surveil? It’s a dilemma with deep ethical, legal and practical implications.

Security measures can be easily mistaken for mistrust or a presumption of guilt, so many retailers and private property owners hesitate to take reasonable steps to secure their property. Still, research shows that individuals who know that a camera is on are less likely to engage in illegal behavior: stealing, harassing, abusing, destroying, or committing other violent acts. Surveillance also protects your staff by providing remote monitoring of potentially threatening situations.

Camera surveillance is an effective crime deterrent, valuable investigative tool, and an important window into the everyday proceedings of your business. The following pages will explore camera and sign placement, varieties, effectiveness, and privacy concerns.

Do surveillance cameras prevent crime?
Under Surveillance

Whether we like it or not, most urban and much suburban American life takes place on camera, with very few clear boundaries that mark where we are permitted our privacy and where it's compromised by closed-circuit televisions or electronic monitoring. It’s our own version of the Panopticon.

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